Lakeman Farms

Here at Jimmy Coops, we understand what it takes to serve you the finest burgers and beer in town, and that’s because we’re involved in every step, from cultivating the beef to crafting the beer.

Let’s delve into the story behind the puzzle and how it all fits together to create the exceptional burgers, sandwiches, and salads at Jimmy Coops.

The Lake and the land

Not far from Jimmy Coops, overlooking the same breathtaking lake, lies the home of our Lakeman Farm and Brewery, where the magic truly unfolds. We take immense pride in every aspect of our work, from producing our exclusive beef to crafting our award-winning beer, all while ensuring the kaitiakitanga of our land and, most importantly, our lake.

For those unfamiliar with the Lakeman Brewery and Farm narrative, it’s a story that began and will always end, with protecting Lake Taupō.

Several years ago, the freshwater quality of the lake was under threat due to excessive nitrogen runoff from farmland and urban areas. Consequently, many properties surrounding the lake faced restrictions on nitrogen discharge allowances (NDAs), limiting livestock numbers and nitrogen fertilizer application. James and Elissa, the dynamic duo behind Jimmy Coops and Lakeman Brewery and Farm, were more than willing to secure land with low NDAs. However, they soon realised the need for additional income streams to sustain their vision.

“We knew we had to take action to alleviate the pressure on the lake, all while allowing us to raise our young family on the farm. We diversified and successfully established Lakeman Brewing Co., all while managing a herd of around 170 Simmental cattle and sheep on our land.”

The Beers and the grain

The next piece of the puzzle is our Brewery, now an iconic and, to be precise, award-winning establishment.

From its humble beginnings in a small implement shed on the farm (where the first three brews went down the drain 10 years ago), the Lakeman team now operates daily, crafting a diverse array of beers, ranging from timeless classics like lagers to rich stouts and the crowd-favorite hazy IPAs. Lakeman Brewing Co. has indelibly left its mark on Taupo’s craft beer landscape, boasting an impressive collection of accolades over the past decade. Most notably, their Primate Pilsner recently clinched the Supreme Beer Award at the 2023 New World Beer and Cider Awards.

The water used in our brews is sourced from a bore situated a mere eighty metres directly beneath the brewery. As stewards of the catchment, we are committed to safeguarding this water source, which comes full circle as we incorporate it into our brews.

Brewing on a daily basis entails utilizing approximately 1800 kilograms of grain to produce nearly 6,000 litres of beer per week. This is where the connections between the farm, the brewery, and sustainability seamlessly align.

The cows and the grain

The not-so-secret ingredient in this holistic approach is breakfast, arguably the most vital meal of the day – for our cattle, it’s warm grain sourced directly from the brewery.

“What’s truly remarkable is that our process allows us to feed our cattle the very same grain used in brewing our beer,” shares James, affectionately known as Coops.

“It’s kind of like warm porridge on a winter’s morning, and they absolutely relish it – they come running when they see it arriving on the tractor. This practice promotes sustainability, both environmentally and financially, making it a win-win in our books.”

Moreover, it imparts a distinctive, delightful flavour to the beef. The Simmental breed of cattle yields leaner meat, ideal for our burgers, and the unique malt flavour from the grain gives the beef a sweet and delicious taste.

The Bar, The Beer, and The Beef

Freshness reigns supreme when it comes to beer and ingredients at Jimmy Coops. The fact that our farm and brewery, responsible for supplying the beef and beer for this iconic bar and restaurant, are just a mere 10-minute drive up the road, offering the same stunning lakeside view, is nothing short of exceptional. To add an even more personal touch, it’s none other than James, the OG brewer and farmer himself, who delivers the beer and beef – a man of many talents.

Boasting the widest array of Lakeman Beer on tap, Jimmy Coops has firmly established itself as a must-visit destination for any craft beer enthusiast. Now, with our talented lineup of chefs having access to the finest meat, they’ve honed the art of creating the most succulent beef patties and mouthwatering pulled beef in all of New Zealand, we believe. The offering here at Jimmy Coops is uniquely our own in countless ways, with a locally sourced combination you won’t find anywhere else.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to finally feature our own meat on the menu at Jimmy Coops Lakehouse. And because we select the cuts that are used, we’re confident we’re serving our customers top-quality burgers and steaks,” remarks Elissa.

A Feast Fit for a Beast

Whether your palate yearns for a classic cheeseburger or craves an adventurous gourmet creation, we’ve curated a menu that caters to the cravings of every burger lover. While our beef is distinct and holds a special place in our hearts, our menu also showcases an array of dishes, from spicy and succulent chicken delights to crispy seafood temptations, and even vegetarian options that are sure to win over even the most devoted beef enthusiasts.

The creativity in our kitchen continues to flourish with the incorporation of craft beer as a key ingredient in many of our dishes. From the delectable Pilsner Battered Onion Rings to Dry Hopped Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and the mouthwatering Lakeman Stout BBQ Sauce, we’ve diligently explored every avenue to infuse our dishes with the robust flavors of both our beer and beef.

“I personally believe the Primate Pilsner pairs perfectly with the Hula Beef burger. The clean, crisp notes of the Pilsner complement the juicy pineapple and chipotle salsa. In fact, any burger and beer combo is a winner in my book; they just go together,” affirms Coops.

Whether you’re a dedicated craft beer enthusiast, a discerning burger connoisseur, or simply seeking a remarkable dining experience with a picturesque view, Jimmy Coops offers it all, complete with captivating stories to share.